Sending Individual Text

Send a text message (with an image) to an individual or to a subscribers list. With our easy-to-use interface you can set up text and send it in just a few minutes. You may also schedule your text(s) to be sent at a later date and time.

Shortened URLs

Choose whether or not to replace long website addresses with shortened ones. This is great for keeping your messages short, and adds a layer of reprting so you can track campaign click throughs right from your dashboard.

Campaign Tool

If you need to set up a mass text message to a subscribers list, this tool is ideal for scheduling and reporting. Just as easy as sending a single text message, set up a campaign in just a few minutes.

Campaign Reporting

Once a campaign is completed, you will receive a report via email. You can also access a more detailed report from your dashboard.

Campaign Reporting

This feature is not available to free accounts

Manage Subscribers

You can either create a list to add subscribers to, or use our intuitive import process to import your subscriber list. You may also add a simple form on your website for users to join your subscription list using our Web Snippet tool.

Manage multiple subscribers lists, customizing them to your specific needs and to cater to your campaign needs.

This feature is not available to free accounts